Who We Are
NEW DOMUS PERSONAL CARE is a community-based provider that is dedicated to serving the overall needs of individuals with developmental disabilities, mental health issues and autism. New Domus will address the comprehensive needs by providing adaptive skills training, social discipline, etiquette training, structure, love and care. This training will result in the cultivation of personal growth, self advocacy, autonomy and increased public awareness. New Domus is here to assist each individual with their day-to-day challenges and to provide them with the quality of life that they want and deserve.
Vision Statement
New Domus is dedicated to offering the highest quality of services in an effort to surpass the expectations of families, individuals, and stakeholders in the areas of health & safety, community integration and personal growth. It is important to be able to visualize the future of this company at the pinnacle of its success. The vision is our target that will frame and shape the daily decisions which will enhance the lives of families and consumers. We need your help and support to make this vision a reality.